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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Frist Online Sale!!!

Yep, it was best feeling to open the mail and finally make my first online sale!!!  Yay!!!  I was beginning to think that something was wrong. A happy happy moment for sure!  I appreciate family and friends ordering from me, of course.  And already the Christmas orders are starting to come in! I am getting so excited!!  The studio is almost there!!  Just little stuff to organize and yard sale boxes to fill and set aside until May!  I will be creating new cards next week in a bigger space!  So excited!!!

Remember to ENJOY every second of your day!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Card Making Day 2011!!

I didn't even know such a thing but so glad I came into my studio today!  So I did make a couple of cards but I spent some time learning about Word Starter in Windows 7.  Now I can print my envelopes in all kinds of fonts!!  So I need a sign for my  new studio.  I took over the guest room and have been moving things and rearranging things and purging things and putting together some "yard sale boxes"!  Whew...are you as tired as I?  Trying to do it all but can only move as fast as the bad back allows!

Oh time to make a great Halloween sign for the living room and that's starts the decorating!!  Making and decorating!!!!  Yay!  Later! : )

Remember to enjoy every second of your  day!! : )