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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A different view

I am here in this beautiful state of Wisconsin!   Unfortunately it is not for a good reason that I am here.  My cousin has had a heart attack.  It was very scary!  She got a couple of stents put in instead of a cracked breastbone!  So really, she was a lucky lady!!!

So I am just gonna be visiting and designing while I am here!  Everyone enjoy your 12 12 12 day!

Friday, December 7, 2012


That's me riding the roller coaster of my life!!  I really have not rode a real one since I was very little and that was the last time for a good reason ....... I'm scared to death of them and I WANT OFF THIS ONE!!! Please. lol
I lost all my stuff!!!!  Don't you hate loosing your stuff?  I lost my programs, 4000 pictures and I don't even know how many videos!  As you can imagine, my heart sank like battleship the was hit multiple times!  I did meet a wonderful women who repairs computers when she CAME TO MY HOUSE!!! to fix my external hard drive.  We thought it could happen!  My heart was rising high .....  then the drive burnt up and down went my heart again! Then we took my old laptop that I had to quit using when the video card went and pulled the hard drive hoping that my program and some pictures were left there, my heart soared!  Could it be?  Why no of course! Down the heart went again! The program was not there!

The  reason that the program is so important is that they can not sell it anymore because of some law suit and with the new program you have to upgrade your cutting machine! Oh what to do, what to do?  Then my hubby comes thru!!!!  He bought me a new machine, the eCraft, for Christmas and I get it early!!!!  It should arrive sometime today!!! Yay!!  Such a load off me mind!  AND my wonderfulest cousin came thru and bought the newest program!!  Oh life is a roller coaster and I happen to be on the upswing!!!  YAY!

The only lesson I found was that you should BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP your system and files regularly and don't use the external hard drive to run your programs.!!

The IT lady?  That is Jody from Country Computers!!  You know when you meet someone and you can just tell that they know what they are talking about?  It's such a great moment when you realize that you won't be regretting your decision to hire them!!!  You can reach her at and I really would call her before I called other places, then you will know how good and her prices are really so good!  You will NOT be disappointed!

The new machine will get a review when I have time to play with it!  I have scraps coming up that I must get ready for so enjoy your holidays as they are coming so so sooooo fast!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A new poster

I have changed our poster and I would like your thoughts on the look of it, please.   Does it catch your eye?  Does it make sense to you as a scrapper?  Do you understand it if you are a novice?  Let me get your thoughts on it! Thanks!

Have a very spectacular day and don't forget to smile!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


     I just read a status update from Addicted to Saving and she was asking if camping was your thing or not and it got me to thinking of the first time I camped with hubby and the last time we camped!!
     The first time was on our very short honeymoon.  We got married a month after our daughter was born and grandma was baby sitting for the long weekend.  We packed up our tent, (a small 2 person dome style), equipment, and headed off down the road!  We went up north in Michigan about 4 hours from our house. We got to a campground late, way after dark! We set up the tent and went fast to sleep. During the early morning, Mother Nature came to visit!! Double time!!!  It had stormed and I, well let's just say, I needed the facilities fast!!!!  I got there just in time to wait for the cleaning crew to finish up the bath/shower building. While I was cleaning up, hubby was putting a tarp up from tent to van so as to create an area where we could get fresh clean air without getting wet!  So, we spent 3 days and nights in the tent playing uno, backgammon, and rook!  Then we packed up and left in the rain, of course, I was just wanting to go home, back to some sunshine and warmth!  And then the sun came out about an hour of being on the road!  And with the sun coming out, our smiles and our moods became even brighter!  After another hour or so, my new hubby turned to the right and I asked where we were going, and he told me he just wanted to look around. ( I thought he had to pee!)  We drove around a curve and up a hill only to spot an area as big as a football field of an inlake! A true state park watering hole!!! LOL  It was big enough that about 8 to 10 campers (old style on truck), could spend the week/weekend.  I love, that in our state of Michigan, we have honor parks.  This is a park with no facilities, outhouse only, that you pay a very nominal amount ($3-?) for a 24 hour period that you will be renting the space! You just drop your money in a lock box and go about your business!  So cool!  Anyway, we had a very nice time swimming and playing!

     The last time was in Lansing, Michigan at the Common Ground Music Festival.  We were to see Boston on Monday night and Meatloaf on Wednesday and to stay at a local campground with a tent (now bigger, but still a tent) and air mattresses.  We set up on Sunday evening and then went for a walk. 
     We woke up Monday morning soaking wet! We had to pull everything out and hang everything on a clothesline that hubby devised! (He's is so handy to have around!!!) It was an ok day and it did not rain at the outdoor concert!  It was a great time!
     We woke up Tuesday morning soaking wet!  The spray we used was definitely not working!!!  So again, everything out and hung to dry!  I don't remember what we did Tuesday but it was dry and gray! 
     Wednesday was just like the previous days .... everything out to dry again!!!  Are ya loving my vacation as much as I am now???  Best part of the whole experience was Wednesday night with MEATLOAF!!!  Totally awesome but it was a little sad as he announced that it was his last tour!  Talk about putting emotion in your songs!  Whew, he did it so well!  And no rain!!
     When we left the concert, hubby asked what I wanted to do.  I said we are only 30 minutes from home and I am not going to wake up one more morning soaking wet!!
     We went camping many other times that were fun and interesting but the first and last are my most memorable trips! 

Enjoy each and every minute in that minute!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Announcing .....

This is my sister in law's new website!!!  I am so excited for her!!  And I'm sure she and it and everyone associated with it will be a great success!!  Yay for Jean!
If you know anything about cars or car news you have heard of Jean Jennings!  And with the launch of JeanKnowsCars, you will get to know her as I do!!! She will be known as the most hilarious, witty, smart, fun, generous, genuine, loving, and most important, kind person on the web!  And how do I know that?  Because she is so genuine!!!  And that so comes through on this video about her hat collection !!  I have nicknamed one of them her Alabama hat! (Roll Tide Roll!!)  She says no, but secretly ......whisper whisper ..... I think she's a roootin for the Crimson!  Tee hee hee!  She's so much funnier than I! lol Doesn't really matter cuz when you're near Jean, YOU WILL BE LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!
Check out this video on her hats ......

Don't ya just LOVE her? So I hope this gave you your smile today!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My newest scrap.

I went to a scrap and met a new friend!  She is a scrapbooking friend of my scrapbooking buddy!  It was held at a beautiful church in Brooklyn, MI.  What a great time we had!  I'm hoping Sally's mother feels better.  She came down with the crud and Sally needed a fill in at the last minute and I was available. Yay for me, bad for her Mom!  Well, I hope that's behind her.  We had such a good time although I really didn't think that going to a 12 hr. scrap would really allow me to get anything really done, but I surprised myself!  I got 6 pages done minus the journaling.  Although while there, I met someone else and she actually developed a journaling aid!  It is called the eeeEasy Straight Journaling Tool and it is the best tool for writing in your own handwriting! It can also help you lay stickers down in a straight line!! How bout that?   Sandi is a great gal and I hope her break comes soon!

So now I have started to let my machine work for me.  We will see how that venture goes! lol

I have been making a couple of phone calls and just getting my list made of what I am going to need and who is actually going to help me.  Some people are good at some things and other people are good at the other things! : )

                      Smile big and bright!  The world thanks you for participation!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Easter Hop In To Crop for JDRF 2013
Is being held Sunday March 29, 30, and 31, 2013 at the Super 8 Motel in Brooklyn Michigan!

This is going to be awesome!!! I am sooo so so excited to put this together with my friends, family, and team mates!! We have just started putting this together and all this help sure shows you, people will help when there is a good cause and lots of fun! Thank you everyone for helping us help too many kids find a cure for this dis ease in their little bodies!

There will be table gifts, door prizes, huge baskets with scrapbooking supplies of all kinds, including Peachy Keen Stamps , Cricut cartridges, stamps, inks, and oh so much more WILL be raffled!!
The cost is $35.00 for Friday~ 10am - 10pm
The cost is $55.00 for Friday 10 am thru Saturday 10 pm
The cost is $75.00 for Friday 10 am thru Sunday 6 pm

We will have an extra basket on Sunday for those who stay all weekend to raffle!!! There is also going to be a 50/50 raffle that you do NOT have to be present to win! We hope to have so so so much more to announce later!
To Reserve Your Table  and more info CLICK HERE 
You will not want to miss this one!!


Monday, September 3, 2012

It's officially Labor Day!

I am not done laboring yet!  I have asked the hubby to help me get all the editing done that I have been struggling with for the last month.  He agreed to help, so lets give him a hand!!  Here ya go!  lol
I want it done my way of course and he did agree to it although I had to finish the few more that I had due to computer issues, I guess.  (wink wink)  I tend to be a little control freak so give me patience and Lord don't let me bite my tongue off while I work with him!  LOL

Here is a start to my Halloween Cards.  Enjoy the last day of your mini vacation!  And smile! : )

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby Cards are on my mind!

My niece is having her first baby!!!   Little Abrielle should be with us in a couple of weeks now!  We can hardly wait!! Especially her Mom!! lol  So I made a few cards with baby in mind.

So I started this post a few days ago and am now ready to post these cards and keep in mind that I did the editing so please be patient with me and ride along as I teach myself!! lol

Ok, well, we have a date of inducement.  Abrielle should arrive on the Wednesday!  I hve why she is being induced but only asked yesterday and I try to stay away from facebook!! It steals my time in a NY second!!  lmbo!   To me it's the black whole!!  Hahaha Here are some more baby cards.

I will posting some Halloween pictures of cards, of course!  lol  Have a very wonderful Labor Day and a great big Whoo Hoo for The American Workforce!!! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Still editing!?!

Yes I am still editing the pictures of my cards.  Although I am not working consistently at that chore! lol  I have been making Halloween and baby cards, and playing at my friends house!  It's been like a mini vacation!!  No cooking or cleaning!  Now that's a vacation if I've ever heard of one!  I say heard because I have never really been on a "real" vacation before. My husband and I have gone to familys' homes out of state and been camping (and as every WOMEN knows ...... camping is NO VACATION!)  However, a real vacation has eluded this family! So I'm happy with any get away! lol

I did happen to sneak in making a veggie soup and a batch of GAZPACHO!!!!!  I crave it every year and it never disappoints!  This year I used Alton Brown's recipe and mam o man ...... YUM YUM!!!!!
Can you tell I love it?  hahaha   I love tomatoes and there is nothing better in August than a ripe out of the garden tomato!

I have also been busy setting up 2 different crops to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) because I truly believe they are so close to a real cure and not just another, but improved, way for children to live with this awful disease.  I am so excited to do this, to finally find my nitch!  Now I only need to find about 5 friends to help me cook 2 lunches and 2 dinners!  I think I'll start with our team and see who is available!

Back to my friend's scraproom .... lol. I played with her Slice!  It was still in the box brand new!!  Haha I sound like a used car salesman!  Anyway, we decided to get it out and play with is for awhile.  It is a pretty good little cutter! Surprisingly!  It only cuts between 1" and 4"  in half inch increments and cuts very sharpe.  I played with that all evening and had lots of fun!
So now I'm off to do some stuff, I don't know what but something! lol

Have a very nice weekend and I WILL have some pictures to post!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Are you kidding me?  How the hell does a company sell you a website for selling your products THEN DOESN'T GIVE YOU A VIEW SHOPPING CARD BUTTON!????!!
Geez can you feel my frustration?  So a customer goes to the site, sees a card they want to buy so they add it to the cart.  Pretty standard right?  Next step go back to site to pick up another card,  That also is pretty standard.  BUT  should you put say 5 cards in the cart and want to VIEW you cart to see what you have already chosen YOU CAN'T!!!  You have to "buy" another card to get to the cart and THEN REMOVE IT!!!! How messed up is that?  Doesn't that sound professional?  The company that hosts the website is FATCOW and the website is WEEBLY!  So unless your looking for frustration and un professionalism STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

2 weeks?

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted!  Between the heat, the low sugars, and the making cards, I have been lack in getting that website button fixed!  Today is a beautiful sunny 82 degree day and I sure plan to look into that pesky detail of viewing the shopping cart after I post these cards that I have been working on!

I would also like to say some prayers for my girl and her family as they put Chopper down.  My heart is with her as she deals with her loose of such a great pet! He will be missed and forever in our hearts.

All of these baby cards could be used as shower cards, invites, or congratulation cards.  The insides are blank for your sentiments.  All were inspired by our little Abrielle who is going to meet everyone really soon now!!  I'm sure her grandma and great grandma sent her with a kiss!

All of these cards will be available on the website on 8-7-2012 and here is that link ...

Come on by and say hello!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm so close now!

I am almost done with my website!  It feels so good to be close.  My brother brought up an issue with the site.  He found he could add a card to the cart and he could then continue shopping, however, he could not VIEW the cart!  So that is the next issue I have to learn to fix!  You'd think the price you'd pay for the shopping cart they would throw in a view cart! Geez o pete!  Until then, a customer would have to put a card in the cart, continue shopping, then put a card in cart just to get to the view cart page, then remove the card that they used to get to the shopping cart!!  How lame is that? So that definitely needs to be fixed!  Then it will ready to go!!!  I'm so excited! 

Thanks again to my family and friends who support me and love me and still believe in me!

Smile bright!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now that figures ...

I have been trying, and tying and really working hard on developing my website!
You see I DID NOT want to learn anything at all about web hosting and web casting and web building or about SEO or WordPress or anything to with it at ALL!  Am I coming off strongly enough that I did not want to do this?  All I wanted to do was make my cards.  I tried etsy but did not have good results.  So here was my next step, I was contacted by a man someone I meet in Manta.  His company True Contact Designs and he used the name G. Hooks!  Should that have been my first clue? but nooooooo....I was calling him greg, never noticing!! I was so excited to talk to someone who was gonna do all that for me!! YAY! FINALLY.  Hahaha on me. SCAM ARTIST IS WHAT HE IS.   You see ... before him and his six months of bs; then there was AT&T WEB HOSTING that my hubby was so great to have surprised me with and bought me a website!!!  THANK YOU TEDDY!  And the att one was advertised to be up and running in 15 MINUTES! (you can check) Well the first 24 hours I was patient.  After phone calls and promises I was patient the next 24 hours.  This went on for 2 weeks.  All the phone calls and the listening to their advertisement while I waited for the next operator and THE ANNOUNCEMENT that they were having difficulties and they were AWARE!  Now a month has went by and my patience is REALLY running low!  This was gonna suck because I could not get on my website to add the pictures of my cards and sell them.  And this right before the holidays.  So bummed I was. This was now October of 2011.  I finally gave up and was so ready to get lied to and scammed out of 80 bucks! Another lesson learned, grr.  I was ripe for the pickin' as my mom would say!

Now on to FAT COW.  I finally choose this company.  It has a drag and drop so it should have been simple to do, I really AM a smart girl and I do learn easy from directions!  It had a few hiccups but that could have been avoided if the techs had told me the WHOLE STORY AT THE SAME TIME!!! Uhhhh I swear I have no idea how we got to where we are with man running things!!! (everyone I spook with WAS a man!)  Just sayin' !!!! CUZ IT'S TRUE!  I'm only a little frustrated today, can you tell? Geeezzzzz. 

The good news?  I did finally figure it out with just one more piece of info from the techs yesterday.  So please bear with me as I get this figured out.  The issue now is getting the photos re sized (yet again!!! for the 4th time) so they can be uploaded correctly.  There is a lot to look at now and order! So even though the pictures will be replaced with the correct size they are still viewable.  Some of the pages are empty until I finish resizing so that's that.  I'm all better now, thanks, and now on down the path!

So in spite of the aggravation I felt this morning; I am going to smile bright because I KNOW I have this!  And everyone I meet today will get that same smile!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

As I look out to the backyard ....

a branch of the rose of sharon hangs across the window blowing in the wind.  One shorter branch I see six buds that should be opened but are not.  I wonder if it because of the hot temps.  I watered the plants outside of the garden and herb station for 2 hours today.  That really bit into my house cleaning chores!!  lol

Well I know you don't know this but I couldn't work in my studio yesterday, because of the heat!  When the sun hits the back of the house, our air conditioner can't do the job and papers start stickin' and there is some sweat happening and my diabetes kicks in with some aggravation and attitude and and and I just give in.  I go get something cold to drink as I sit in front of the fan which is (suppose to) blowing the cold air throughout!!! So I am back this morning before the heat wave hits!  It's suppose to be at least 101 without the humidity factored in the equation!

Again I had to stop and wait for the weather.  I now am resizing my photos so they will fit in the space provided. So now that the night is in the high 70's I can now post new pictures and they will be available to order tomorrow afternoon.

These two cards that follow are from the inspiration of Dawn5377 on YouTube, 

Well I'm off to bed now, and these will go in the store first thing in the AM. 

Please take just a moment to think of someone you love and miss today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

As I look out the window ...

I see the beautiful rose of sharon bush/tree is opening up this morning.  Gave them all a good drink of water yesterday evening.  The grass (which we now call hay) has not needed to be cut in a month now.  I know we are not the only ones suffering this summer.  The burning bush are starting to turn meaning that fall is coming sooner, just as spring and summer did!  I know that my raspberries suffered so much that I barely got a handful of that sweet fruit that I love so much!  We did get our first green pepper from the garden yesterday!!!  That's pretty early for here in lower mid Michigan.

I am working on some new cards today and will post pictures later this evening. I am having a wonderful time putting these ones together.  Can't wait to get back to it so ...... bye!!!   lol

Please give away a few bright smiles today cuz people are gonna need them in this heat!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It seems like summer is here to stay!

The weather has been so atrocious and I for one am having a hard time dealing with it.  Then came a break and I woke up cold on Tuesday morning as the cold front finally got to ME!!!  Yeah!!!  With the hot flashes I didn't feel like I was getting any cooler!  Well I hope everyone is coping with this heat and I truly pray for the families that lost loved ones to the heat.  My heart goes out to you and I will continue to pray for your peace.

We had a yard sale in the 100+ degree weather and I tell you we were wiped out!  Man oh man!
We had plans to sell water, a little bag of chips, and a hot dog for 2 bucks and donate that money to JDRF however, with such hot weather; traffic was low and it was so hot, no one wanted to eat.  We will just have to have another one closer to the fall!  We'll just go with the flow!

So I made a few cards here and thee over the last 2 weeks and would have made more if I had a second air conditioner!  But hey, you work with what'cha got, right?

Will show some new cards in next post.  Everyone please SMILE!  It makes a big difference!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday AMERICA!

I haven't written in a little while. Things (life) has been a challenge! So much so I won't even go into it. It's all about moving forward, always. I strive for it to be this way. I am making my sista's 50th birthday card. The one I started did not quite do it for me so I started another one. I am also making my son a thank you card to be sent to a very lovely woman who is helping him out with his dog.

I sometimes have to wait till my hands are in working order. That is when I watch videos and read different articles in order to learn new techniques and color combos! This is part of creating that I enjoy very much. A couple of my favorites are Miss Dawn @ (Dawn 5377) , Mary @ Cardz TV , and Valita @ Valita's Designs and Fresh Folds . There are a few more regulars, but these, I watch all the time!!!

I give so so so much credit to the women who are sharing all their talents on their blogs, videos, and the web in general. They raise a family and also clean the house. They cook and drive the kids everywhere. And on top of all the doctor's and dentist's appts, they still manage to crop/make cards and join the blog hops!!! I can barely follow them much less contribute! So my hats off to all the creative women of the world!!

Ok, I am now going to make a few cards whilst it seems to be a good time. If sure beats waiting for this weather to lighten up a rain a little more that a little!!! I'm hot and whinny!! Stay cool and look in amazement at the world!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's just a couple hours more!

What you ask is just a couple hours away?  FRIDAY! That's what.  And doesn't everything look good on Friday?  What a week this has been and I am so ready for the weekend!

Nothing like being down in your back and having lots of doctor appointments.  I have a couple of bad disks in my lower back that sometimes decides to act up.  Thank the powers that be, it only lasted about 5 days this time.  Last time I was down for 3 weeks!  That bit a big one!  All my doctors visits were very productive and I am very much on the right track!!!  Down 9.2 lbs since going vegan and my A1C has dropped a couple of points!!  Yay! Still have work to do but it's getting easier!  I have noticed that I now rate restaurants according to their salads!  Not many have vegan dishes.  If I was a is where I would open a vegan/vegetarian eatery! HINT HINT HINT! Enough about me! lol

We celebrated my Mother in law's birthday on the 31st.  She turned 88!!! Her son, my hubby, picked the first batch of fresh strawberries from our ever growing patch and I cleaned, sliced up a cup or so, then added a little sugar so we could get that beautiful syrup.  When we got there, the three of us sat down with a desert of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.  Those strawberries were so good!  What great spirits she was in and she was really with us for most of the day. She has dementia and what a great day she had!

I was just getting back to work this morning and I was having issues uploading my newest cards.  I tried everything and kept thinking it was me.  I guess I worked on it for about 3 hours just reading and trying this and that and that again because I just knew I was missing something simple! Well I gave up and cleaned the house for a minute or two :) !  I ran a few errands, picked up hubby, and on the way home got a very nice invite to dinner by the best sister in the state!  It was so nice to see her and have some stimulating conversation!  We always have fun when we are with her!  Do you have someone in your life that is always smiling and just at peace with what is?  I strive to emulate!

Well here are a couple of cards that I have made recently. Enjoy!

Please enjoy every minute your day and smile! someone is needing it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well .... it's just another beautiful Wednesday!

Well the trash got out bright and early this morning and I am wondering if on the Holiday week after if the garbage is going to pick up on their regular day.Ahh ..... if that was my only worry! Right?

Well I have been vegan for about 3 weeks now and I really don't feel any different yet. I am still swollen, especially in my tummy area. Although now that I think about it the swelling in my legs have gone done quite a bit. Maybe it's just moving! lol Has anyone (other than a salesperson) used that Nopalea? Well I took a moment to "google" this and here is what I found. Nopalea - true or scam?

I made a couple of cards last night Here's a peek!

So I have run across an amazing amount of challenges this morning already!   I have already posted this post earlier, however I posted it to an old blog and had a devil of a time trying to figure it out!  I tried several different things thinking Oh this has GOT to be it!  But no, that didn't fix it.  I then realized I had signed into an old account!  How lame that it took me a couple of hours to get that!  Geez!   And that was with a few breaks to "just walk away" to grab prospective! LMBO!  In those breaks, I went to grab the camera to get a shot at the beautiful male cardinal and the battery needed charged! so I went to do that but not before I had to locate the charger!  We had went somewhere and I had taken the charger but couldn't remember where I put it.  And I do usually put it where it belongs, but didn't the last time!  You see, I usually leave my computer and last night I shut it down.  And wouldn't you know it (TODAY) is day that google changed the format of Blogger!  What a ride I have had so far today!!!  Here comes the sun so I will take that as a sign that all is well! lol

Please enjoy this beautiful day (no matter what!) and smile! someone may need it today! : )

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Well can I just say this weather is beautiful!  Sun shinning bright and it's a little on the hot side!  I have been busy resizing pictures for the website!!!  I am so excited about it actually being up and running! I so surprised myself!  I would like to take a second or two out of my day to seriously thank the soldiers of yesterday and today for your bravery and commitment!

I have been trying different salads and such lately but I seem to be drifting to quickies!  I cut up sweet onions, celery, and carrots in a small dice.  I coat my pan with non stick and a spoon of vegan butter.  Slow cook the veggies until done.  I then add a couple three vegetable broth ice cubes along with brown rice I previously cooked with veggie broth. When heated thoroughly, I add different spices or herbs.  Quick and easy lunch or dinner.  This is still making my sugar spike however.  What'cha gonna do?  The spike happens when I eat pasta also!  Does NOT matter what kind I use, it still happens.  Of course I don't stop eating it!  I love it.  It is getting more difficult to eat low protein and low carb!   I am starting to feel a little better since I stopped eating animal anything!  Did you know that vegans don't eat honey either?  I was surprised by that fact.

I will be posting pictures in the not so distant future after I get more uploaded to the site.  And that address again is (LOL)

Please enjoy your day and smile, someone needs it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jo's House of Cards website is now UP AND RUNNING!

How excited am I that I finally am open for business!!!  Oh my gosh!  What it took to get here.  But that's when arriving is good isn't it?  When you lay down a good foundation? So lets get cooking!! lol

I am still updating and uploading (after editing) lots of my cards so please be patient!  And I would so love to get back to making my cards!! Steps, that's what it amounts to. (and then a can I end that sentence without a proposition?)! And I would like to keep taking those steps without to many more thought interrupterers!  Laughing my butt off all alone in my studio!  It's been a long day!

So please come by and check out all my links, pictures, and cards!  Like me on facebook and leave me some love!!  Thanks so much and Enjoy every second of your day and smile!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JDRF News 5/22/2012

Type 1 diabetes is one of the worst diseases out there. My son was diagnosed when he was just 2 yrs. 2 months old. It is now 33 yrs later and now he is blind. So I know diabetes. It has been in my maternal background for 60 or so years. And now the numbers have just been posted and our kids are now getting adult onset diabetes (type 2). So I do what I can to help find a cure and I am doing my part by finally becoming vegan! You can never go wrong with a plant based diet!! : )

Now here is something pretty cool! A new reality show!! LOL This is going to be so good!!!! A great way to draw awareness about diabetes! We will be on episode 5 !! Here is the link, enjoy!

JDRF is featured on a brand new episode of AMC's new unscripted series, The Pitch on Sunday, May 27, 2012, at 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m.

So much time has past!

So many things are going on and I'm dealing with it the way I always do, which is try to get it all done at the same time and trying to fit life in! And what usually happens happened!  lol  I'm really trying to keep my sugar under control as I deal with a kidney issue which in turn, is causing havoc with the rest of my body and life.
I am completely vegan now so that has to be a good thing.  I have cooked a couple of recipes from the PCRM website.  There are only 103 days until the summer 21-day Kickstart to healthy eating starts!!! Here is the link to sign up and start exploring!  PCRM's 21day vegan kickstart
By the way, I am setting my intention to cook one new vegan dish a week so I can see what I like!  I did make this dish and I really like it a lot!

I make about six servings of brown rice.  I use the long grain long cooking rice.
Now in a skillet I spay a non stick spray and a couple t. of vegan butter.
I dice up a sweet onion ~~~ (put in ever how much you like)
I dice up about 3 celery ribs ~~~ (put in ever how much you like)
I add very little sea salt and cook to soften.
I then add a couple servings of the rice and cook and stir and stir,
then add three of four ice cubed veggie stock and cook til liquid is gone.
Now add any spices you like.  I have used fresh cracked black pepper, italian seasonings, fresh parsley, fresh time, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and so on!  I loved it!

Next order of business, my website is almost complete except for adding lots of product.  That is proving to be a huge pain in the behind!  I have to edit and resize every picture before I upload it and then writing out the description is very tedious and it is taking away from what I love to do, make cards, and what I should be doing, cleaning the house!  Same day same issues to overcome.  And I am breathing and being grateful that it is one of my issues! ;>)

Next here is a couple of Mother's Day cards I made ..........

Ok!  The next time I write, I will be announcing the new website!!1  I'm getting excited now!!

Please enjoy every minute of your day and smile!