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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm so close now!

I am almost done with my website!  It feels so good to be close.  My brother brought up an issue with the site.  He found he could add a card to the cart and he could then continue shopping, however, he could not VIEW the cart!  So that is the next issue I have to learn to fix!  You'd think the price you'd pay for the shopping cart they would throw in a view cart! Geez o pete!  Until then, a customer would have to put a card in the cart, continue shopping, then put a card in cart just to get to the view cart page, then remove the card that they used to get to the shopping cart!!  How lame is that? So that definitely needs to be fixed!  Then it will ready to go!!!  I'm so excited! 

Thanks again to my family and friends who support me and love me and still believe in me!

Smile bright!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now that figures ...

I have been trying, and tying and really working hard on developing my website!
You see I DID NOT want to learn anything at all about web hosting and web casting and web building or about SEO or WordPress or anything to with it at ALL!  Am I coming off strongly enough that I did not want to do this?  All I wanted to do was make my cards.  I tried etsy but did not have good results.  So here was my next step, I was contacted by a man someone I meet in Manta.  His company True Contact Designs and he used the name G. Hooks!  Should that have been my first clue? but nooooooo....I was calling him greg, never noticing!! I was so excited to talk to someone who was gonna do all that for me!! YAY! FINALLY.  Hahaha on me. SCAM ARTIST IS WHAT HE IS.   You see ... before him and his six months of bs; then there was AT&T WEB HOSTING that my hubby was so great to have surprised me with and bought me a website!!!  THANK YOU TEDDY!  And the att one was advertised to be up and running in 15 MINUTES! (you can check) Well the first 24 hours I was patient.  After phone calls and promises I was patient the next 24 hours.  This went on for 2 weeks.  All the phone calls and the listening to their advertisement while I waited for the next operator and THE ANNOUNCEMENT that they were having difficulties and they were AWARE!  Now a month has went by and my patience is REALLY running low!  This was gonna suck because I could not get on my website to add the pictures of my cards and sell them.  And this right before the holidays.  So bummed I was. This was now October of 2011.  I finally gave up and was so ready to get lied to and scammed out of 80 bucks! Another lesson learned, grr.  I was ripe for the pickin' as my mom would say!

Now on to FAT COW.  I finally choose this company.  It has a drag and drop so it should have been simple to do, I really AM a smart girl and I do learn easy from directions!  It had a few hiccups but that could have been avoided if the techs had told me the WHOLE STORY AT THE SAME TIME!!! Uhhhh I swear I have no idea how we got to where we are with man running things!!! (everyone I spook with WAS a man!)  Just sayin' !!!! CUZ IT'S TRUE!  I'm only a little frustrated today, can you tell? Geeezzzzz. 

The good news?  I did finally figure it out with just one more piece of info from the techs yesterday.  So please bear with me as I get this figured out.  The issue now is getting the photos re sized (yet again!!! for the 4th time) so they can be uploaded correctly.  There is a lot to look at now and order! So even though the pictures will be replaced with the correct size they are still viewable.  Some of the pages are empty until I finish resizing so that's that.  I'm all better now, thanks, and now on down the path!

So in spite of the aggravation I felt this morning; I am going to smile bright because I KNOW I have this!  And everyone I meet today will get that same smile!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

As I look out to the backyard ....

a branch of the rose of sharon hangs across the window blowing in the wind.  One shorter branch I see six buds that should be opened but are not.  I wonder if it because of the hot temps.  I watered the plants outside of the garden and herb station for 2 hours today.  That really bit into my house cleaning chores!!  lol

Well I know you don't know this but I couldn't work in my studio yesterday, because of the heat!  When the sun hits the back of the house, our air conditioner can't do the job and papers start stickin' and there is some sweat happening and my diabetes kicks in with some aggravation and attitude and and and I just give in.  I go get something cold to drink as I sit in front of the fan which is (suppose to) blowing the cold air throughout!!! So I am back this morning before the heat wave hits!  It's suppose to be at least 101 without the humidity factored in the equation!

Again I had to stop and wait for the weather.  I now am resizing my photos so they will fit in the space provided. So now that the night is in the high 70's I can now post new pictures and they will be available to order tomorrow afternoon.

These two cards that follow are from the inspiration of Dawn5377 on YouTube, 

Well I'm off to bed now, and these will go in the store first thing in the AM. 

Please take just a moment to think of someone you love and miss today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

As I look out the window ...

I see the beautiful rose of sharon bush/tree is opening up this morning.  Gave them all a good drink of water yesterday evening.  The grass (which we now call hay) has not needed to be cut in a month now.  I know we are not the only ones suffering this summer.  The burning bush are starting to turn meaning that fall is coming sooner, just as spring and summer did!  I know that my raspberries suffered so much that I barely got a handful of that sweet fruit that I love so much!  We did get our first green pepper from the garden yesterday!!!  That's pretty early for here in lower mid Michigan.

I am working on some new cards today and will post pictures later this evening. I am having a wonderful time putting these ones together.  Can't wait to get back to it so ...... bye!!!   lol

Please give away a few bright smiles today cuz people are gonna need them in this heat!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It seems like summer is here to stay!

The weather has been so atrocious and I for one am having a hard time dealing with it.  Then came a break and I woke up cold on Tuesday morning as the cold front finally got to ME!!!  Yeah!!!  With the hot flashes I didn't feel like I was getting any cooler!  Well I hope everyone is coping with this heat and I truly pray for the families that lost loved ones to the heat.  My heart goes out to you and I will continue to pray for your peace.

We had a yard sale in the 100+ degree weather and I tell you we were wiped out!  Man oh man!
We had plans to sell water, a little bag of chips, and a hot dog for 2 bucks and donate that money to JDRF however, with such hot weather; traffic was low and it was so hot, no one wanted to eat.  We will just have to have another one closer to the fall!  We'll just go with the flow!

So I made a few cards here and thee over the last 2 weeks and would have made more if I had a second air conditioner!  But hey, you work with what'cha got, right?

Will show some new cards in next post.  Everyone please SMILE!  It makes a big difference!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday AMERICA!

I haven't written in a little while. Things (life) has been a challenge! So much so I won't even go into it. It's all about moving forward, always. I strive for it to be this way. I am making my sista's 50th birthday card. The one I started did not quite do it for me so I started another one. I am also making my son a thank you card to be sent to a very lovely woman who is helping him out with his dog.

I sometimes have to wait till my hands are in working order. That is when I watch videos and read different articles in order to learn new techniques and color combos! This is part of creating that I enjoy very much. A couple of my favorites are Miss Dawn @ (Dawn 5377) , Mary @ Cardz TV , and Valita @ Valita's Designs and Fresh Folds . There are a few more regulars, but these, I watch all the time!!!

I give so so so much credit to the women who are sharing all their talents on their blogs, videos, and the web in general. They raise a family and also clean the house. They cook and drive the kids everywhere. And on top of all the doctor's and dentist's appts, they still manage to crop/make cards and join the blog hops!!! I can barely follow them much less contribute! So my hats off to all the creative women of the world!!

Ok, I am now going to make a few cards whilst it seems to be a good time. If sure beats waiting for this weather to lighten up a rain a little more that a little!!! I'm hot and whinny!! Stay cool and look in amazement at the world!