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Friday, August 31, 2012

Still editing!?!

Yes I am still editing the pictures of my cards.  Although I am not working consistently at that chore! lol  I have been making Halloween and baby cards, and playing at my friends house!  It's been like a mini vacation!!  No cooking or cleaning!  Now that's a vacation if I've ever heard of one!  I say heard because I have never really been on a "real" vacation before. My husband and I have gone to familys' homes out of state and been camping (and as every WOMEN knows ...... camping is NO VACATION!)  However, a real vacation has eluded this family! So I'm happy with any get away! lol

I did happen to sneak in making a veggie soup and a batch of GAZPACHO!!!!!  I crave it every year and it never disappoints!  This year I used Alton Brown's recipe and mam o man ...... YUM YUM!!!!!
Can you tell I love it?  hahaha   I love tomatoes and there is nothing better in August than a ripe out of the garden tomato!

I have also been busy setting up 2 different crops to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) because I truly believe they are so close to a real cure and not just another, but improved, way for children to live with this awful disease.  I am so excited to do this, to finally find my nitch!  Now I only need to find about 5 friends to help me cook 2 lunches and 2 dinners!  I think I'll start with our team and see who is available!

Back to my friend's scraproom .... lol. I played with her Slice!  It was still in the box brand new!!  Haha I sound like a used car salesman!  Anyway, we decided to get it out and play with is for awhile.  It is a pretty good little cutter! Surprisingly!  It only cuts between 1" and 4"  in half inch increments and cuts very sharpe.  I played with that all evening and had lots of fun!
So now I'm off to do some stuff, I don't know what but something! lol

Have a very nice weekend and I WILL have some pictures to post!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Are you kidding me?  How the hell does a company sell you a website for selling your products THEN DOESN'T GIVE YOU A VIEW SHOPPING CARD BUTTON!????!!
Geez can you feel my frustration?  So a customer goes to the site, sees a card they want to buy so they add it to the cart.  Pretty standard right?  Next step go back to site to pick up another card,  That also is pretty standard.  BUT  should you put say 5 cards in the cart and want to VIEW you cart to see what you have already chosen YOU CAN'T!!!  You have to "buy" another card to get to the cart and THEN REMOVE IT!!!! How messed up is that?  Doesn't that sound professional?  The company that hosts the website is FATCOW and the website is WEEBLY!  So unless your looking for frustration and un professionalism STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

2 weeks?

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted!  Between the heat, the low sugars, and the making cards, I have been lack in getting that website button fixed!  Today is a beautiful sunny 82 degree day and I sure plan to look into that pesky detail of viewing the shopping cart after I post these cards that I have been working on!

I would also like to say some prayers for my girl and her family as they put Chopper down.  My heart is with her as she deals with her loose of such a great pet! He will be missed and forever in our hearts.

All of these baby cards could be used as shower cards, invites, or congratulation cards.  The insides are blank for your sentiments.  All were inspired by our little Abrielle who is going to meet everyone really soon now!!  I'm sure her grandma and great grandma sent her with a kiss!

All of these cards will be available on the website on 8-7-2012 and here is that link ...

Come on by and say hello!