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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A different view

I am here in this beautiful state of Wisconsin!   Unfortunately it is not for a good reason that I am here.  My cousin has had a heart attack.  It was very scary!  She got a couple of stents put in instead of a cracked breastbone!  So really, she was a lucky lady!!!

So I am just gonna be visiting and designing while I am here!  Everyone enjoy your 12 12 12 day!

Friday, December 7, 2012


That's me riding the roller coaster of my life!!  I really have not rode a real one since I was very little and that was the last time for a good reason ....... I'm scared to death of them and I WANT OFF THIS ONE!!! Please. lol
I lost all my stuff!!!!  Don't you hate loosing your stuff?  I lost my programs, 4000 pictures and I don't even know how many videos!  As you can imagine, my heart sank like battleship the was hit multiple times!  I did meet a wonderful women who repairs computers when she CAME TO MY HOUSE!!! to fix my external hard drive.  We thought it could happen!  My heart was rising high .....  then the drive burnt up and down went my heart again! Then we took my old laptop that I had to quit using when the video card went and pulled the hard drive hoping that my program and some pictures were left there, my heart soared!  Could it be?  Why no of course! Down the heart went again! The program was not there!

The  reason that the program is so important is that they can not sell it anymore because of some law suit and with the new program you have to upgrade your cutting machine! Oh what to do, what to do?  Then my hubby comes thru!!!!  He bought me a new machine, the eCraft, for Christmas and I get it early!!!!  It should arrive sometime today!!! Yay!!  Such a load off me mind!  AND my wonderfulest cousin came thru and bought the newest program!!  Oh life is a roller coaster and I happen to be on the upswing!!!  YAY!

The only lesson I found was that you should BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP your system and files regularly and don't use the external hard drive to run your programs.!!

The IT lady?  That is Jody from Country Computers!!  You know when you meet someone and you can just tell that they know what they are talking about?  It's such a great moment when you realize that you won't be regretting your decision to hire them!!!  You can reach her at and I really would call her before I called other places, then you will know how good and her prices are really so good!  You will NOT be disappointed!

The new machine will get a review when I have time to play with it!  I have scraps coming up that I must get ready for so enjoy your holidays as they are coming so so sooooo fast!!

Merry Christmas everyone!