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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Last Day of the Month in the New Year!!!

I haven't written one word in this new year of 2013 until now! Boy, talk about a late bloomer!  I have been so super busy starting a couple more businesses!!  I have added JR Die Cuts and RJ's Scrapbooking Service!!!  Everything is moving along at a steady pace as long as I don't pay any attention to the housework and chores that seem to be embedded in my sub conscious! LOL

JR Die Cuts provides you with custom scrapbooking titles and such.  RJ's Scrapbooking Service provides customers with a scrapbook full of photos, memories, and bling! For those who do not have time to make one of their own!

I am excited to be able to shop for others as well!  Who wouldn't love that???

So I will be sharing this road for awhile if you would like to follow me, please feel welcome!

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