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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Last Day of the Month in the New Year!!!

I haven't written one word in this new year of 2013 until now! Boy, talk about a late bloomer!  I have been so super busy starting a couple more businesses!!  I have added JR Die Cuts and RJ's Scrapbooking Service!!!  Everything is moving along at a steady pace as long as I don't pay any attention to the housework and chores that seem to be embedded in my sub conscious! LOL

JR Die Cuts provides you with custom scrapbooking titles and such.  RJ's Scrapbooking Service provides customers with a scrapbook full of photos, memories, and bling! For those who do not have time to make one of their own!

I am excited to be able to shop for others as well!  Who wouldn't love that???

So I will be sharing this road for awhile if you would like to follow me, please feel welcome!

Put a smile on that you can share with others!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A different view

I am here in this beautiful state of Wisconsin!   Unfortunately it is not for a good reason that I am here.  My cousin has had a heart attack.  It was very scary!  She got a couple of stents put in instead of a cracked breastbone!  So really, she was a lucky lady!!!

So I am just gonna be visiting and designing while I am here!  Everyone enjoy your 12 12 12 day!

Friday, December 7, 2012


That's me riding the roller coaster of my life!!  I really have not rode a real one since I was very little and that was the last time for a good reason ....... I'm scared to death of them and I WANT OFF THIS ONE!!! Please. lol
I lost all my stuff!!!!  Don't you hate loosing your stuff?  I lost my programs, 4000 pictures and I don't even know how many videos!  As you can imagine, my heart sank like battleship the was hit multiple times!  I did meet a wonderful women who repairs computers when she CAME TO MY HOUSE!!! to fix my external hard drive.  We thought it could happen!  My heart was rising high .....  then the drive burnt up and down went my heart again! Then we took my old laptop that I had to quit using when the video card went and pulled the hard drive hoping that my program and some pictures were left there, my heart soared!  Could it be?  Why no of course! Down the heart went again! The program was not there!

The  reason that the program is so important is that they can not sell it anymore because of some law suit and with the new program you have to upgrade your cutting machine! Oh what to do, what to do?  Then my hubby comes thru!!!!  He bought me a new machine, the eCraft, for Christmas and I get it early!!!!  It should arrive sometime today!!! Yay!!  Such a load off me mind!  AND my wonderfulest cousin came thru and bought the newest program!!  Oh life is a roller coaster and I happen to be on the upswing!!!  YAY!

The only lesson I found was that you should BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP your system and files regularly and don't use the external hard drive to run your programs.!!

The IT lady?  That is Jody from Country Computers!!  You know when you meet someone and you can just tell that they know what they are talking about?  It's such a great moment when you realize that you won't be regretting your decision to hire them!!!  You can reach her at and I really would call her before I called other places, then you will know how good and her prices are really so good!  You will NOT be disappointed!

The new machine will get a review when I have time to play with it!  I have scraps coming up that I must get ready for so enjoy your holidays as they are coming so so sooooo fast!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A new poster

I have changed our poster and I would like your thoughts on the look of it, please.   Does it catch your eye?  Does it make sense to you as a scrapper?  Do you understand it if you are a novice?  Let me get your thoughts on it! Thanks!

Have a very spectacular day and don't forget to smile!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


     I just read a status update from Addicted to Saving and she was asking if camping was your thing or not and it got me to thinking of the first time I camped with hubby and the last time we camped!!
     The first time was on our very short honeymoon.  We got married a month after our daughter was born and grandma was baby sitting for the long weekend.  We packed up our tent, (a small 2 person dome style), equipment, and headed off down the road!  We went up north in Michigan about 4 hours from our house. We got to a campground late, way after dark! We set up the tent and went fast to sleep. During the early morning, Mother Nature came to visit!! Double time!!!  It had stormed and I, well let's just say, I needed the facilities fast!!!!  I got there just in time to wait for the cleaning crew to finish up the bath/shower building. While I was cleaning up, hubby was putting a tarp up from tent to van so as to create an area where we could get fresh clean air without getting wet!  So, we spent 3 days and nights in the tent playing uno, backgammon, and rook!  Then we packed up and left in the rain, of course, I was just wanting to go home, back to some sunshine and warmth!  And then the sun came out about an hour of being on the road!  And with the sun coming out, our smiles and our moods became even brighter!  After another hour or so, my new hubby turned to the right and I asked where we were going, and he told me he just wanted to look around. ( I thought he had to pee!)  We drove around a curve and up a hill only to spot an area as big as a football field of an inlake! A true state park watering hole!!! LOL  It was big enough that about 8 to 10 campers (old style on truck), could spend the week/weekend.  I love, that in our state of Michigan, we have honor parks.  This is a park with no facilities, outhouse only, that you pay a very nominal amount ($3-?) for a 24 hour period that you will be renting the space! You just drop your money in a lock box and go about your business!  So cool!  Anyway, we had a very nice time swimming and playing!

     The last time was in Lansing, Michigan at the Common Ground Music Festival.  We were to see Boston on Monday night and Meatloaf on Wednesday and to stay at a local campground with a tent (now bigger, but still a tent) and air mattresses.  We set up on Sunday evening and then went for a walk. 
     We woke up Monday morning soaking wet! We had to pull everything out and hang everything on a clothesline that hubby devised! (He's is so handy to have around!!!) It was an ok day and it did not rain at the outdoor concert!  It was a great time!
     We woke up Tuesday morning soaking wet!  The spray we used was definitely not working!!!  So again, everything out and hung to dry!  I don't remember what we did Tuesday but it was dry and gray! 
     Wednesday was just like the previous days .... everything out to dry again!!!  Are ya loving my vacation as much as I am now???  Best part of the whole experience was Wednesday night with MEATLOAF!!!  Totally awesome but it was a little sad as he announced that it was his last tour!  Talk about putting emotion in your songs!  Whew, he did it so well!  And no rain!!
     When we left the concert, hubby asked what I wanted to do.  I said we are only 30 minutes from home and I am not going to wake up one more morning soaking wet!!
     We went camping many other times that were fun and interesting but the first and last are my most memorable trips! 

Enjoy each and every minute in that minute!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Announcing .....

This is my sister in law's new website!!!  I am so excited for her!!  And I'm sure she and it and everyone associated with it will be a great success!!  Yay for Jean!
If you know anything about cars or car news you have heard of Jean Jennings!  And with the launch of JeanKnowsCars, you will get to know her as I do!!! She will be known as the most hilarious, witty, smart, fun, generous, genuine, loving, and most important, kind person on the web!  And how do I know that?  Because she is so genuine!!!  And that so comes through on this video about her hat collection !!  I have nicknamed one of them her Alabama hat! (Roll Tide Roll!!)  She says no, but secretly ......whisper whisper ..... I think she's a roootin for the Crimson!  Tee hee hee!  She's so much funnier than I! lol Doesn't really matter cuz when you're near Jean, YOU WILL BE LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!
Check out this video on her hats ......

Don't ya just LOVE her? So I hope this gave you your smile today!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My newest scrap.

I went to a scrap and met a new friend!  She is a scrapbooking friend of my scrapbooking buddy!  It was held at a beautiful church in Brooklyn, MI.  What a great time we had!  I'm hoping Sally's mother feels better.  She came down with the crud and Sally needed a fill in at the last minute and I was available. Yay for me, bad for her Mom!  Well, I hope that's behind her.  We had such a good time although I really didn't think that going to a 12 hr. scrap would really allow me to get anything really done, but I surprised myself!  I got 6 pages done minus the journaling.  Although while there, I met someone else and she actually developed a journaling aid!  It is called the eeeEasy Straight Journaling Tool and it is the best tool for writing in your own handwriting! It can also help you lay stickers down in a straight line!! How bout that?   Sandi is a great gal and I hope her break comes soon!

So now I have started to let my machine work for me.  We will see how that venture goes! lol

I have been making a couple of phone calls and just getting my list made of what I am going to need and who is actually going to help me.  Some people are good at some things and other people are good at the other things! : )

                      Smile big and bright!  The world thanks you for participation!!