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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My newest scrap.

I went to a scrap and met a new friend!  She is a scrapbooking friend of my scrapbooking buddy!  It was held at a beautiful church in Brooklyn, MI.  What a great time we had!  I'm hoping Sally's mother feels better.  She came down with the crud and Sally needed a fill in at the last minute and I was available. Yay for me, bad for her Mom!  Well, I hope that's behind her.  We had such a good time although I really didn't think that going to a 12 hr. scrap would really allow me to get anything really done, but I surprised myself!  I got 6 pages done minus the journaling.  Although while there, I met someone else and she actually developed a journaling aid!  It is called the eeeEasy Straight Journaling Tool and it is the best tool for writing in your own handwriting! It can also help you lay stickers down in a straight line!! How bout that?   Sandi is a great gal and I hope her break comes soon!

So now I have started to let my machine work for me.  We will see how that venture goes! lol

I have been making a couple of phone calls and just getting my list made of what I am going to need and who is actually going to help me.  Some people are good at some things and other people are good at the other things! : )

                      Smile big and bright!  The world thanks you for participation!!

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