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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just a beautiful day!!!

When there's a bunch of sunshine doesn't it make everything ok again?

Had a very busy week. My son came out on the train and I picked him up Tuesday early afternoon. We had a nice visit with Grandma while she got her hair and nails done. Then we picked up the hubby and helped out a work friend with his truck that had broken down. Later we had roasted chicken, taters, corn, carrots, and green beans! Big dinner for a Tuesday night!! Then we got ready for the big appointment at U of M. Got the showers, the paperwork, and everything the child brought with him together cuz I was takin' him home after the very early appointments. Only that's not what happened!.......He woke me up at 12:30 AM with what he thought was a heart attack!! Yikes!!! OMG I was as freaked out as he was! His blood pressure was 205 over 105 and we were both scared! So EMS was called and he described his pain as pressure just right under the sternum. We (hubby too) went to wait with him in the ER to get the results of the tests. Good news was nothing showed on the EKG but the chest ex ray did show a bubble of air just at the bottom of the sternum. Then we knew, IT WAS GAS! Thank goodness! They kept him overnight to observe him. When the heart doc came in with the news that the enzyme tests had showed no damages to the heart occured they released him. We were lucky enough to get an appointment at U of M with the kidney specialist on Friday. At least he didn't waste his trip and we got ok news from the specialist. He can go ahead with the heart cath with the understanding that it may put his kidneys at risk, but the odds are in his favor about 70/30. He says if it puts him into renal failure, he can be put on the transplant list and receive a new kidney and pancreas, and that will make him DIABETIC FREE!!! From his mouth to God's ears! He was told by the heart doc, the kidney doc, and the mom (me), to never hesitate to call EMS if it happens again. He is at high risk for cardio problems because of the diabetes, so he should never feel bad about calling EMS if he feels strange or different! He said he felt like an idiot and hubby just came up with a new nickname (bubble boy) for him after assuring him better to be safe than dead! Let that be a lesson to all of us!

We also learned that his step daughter may have cancer again! She has to go to Children's Hospital on the 11th for a MRI. We are praying that the nose bleeds and headaches are from something else. I hate to see her fight that battle again! Please keep Breanna in your prayers.

As always, when it rains, it pours. What we must remember is how we observe and deal with our challenges is very important to not only us but to the world as a whole!

Everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!

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