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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just another day in paradise!

I know it's been a little while since I've written, I have been at a bad place. Just kind of going with the flow, not really living. I go there sometimes when that mood hits. I could blame it on the sugar. LOL It's just that I'm having such a hard time keeping my eating under control. At this stage I can only blame the eating, cuz if the eating were under control wouldn't the blood sugar follow? Oh if that were only true!! lol

So last time I wrote I expected the doctor to call and she did. She made no changes so I guess I'm on the right track and hoping I land in the right place! This morning, as with most mornings, I had a good bread source with egg whites on top and added some 2 % cheese to make a sort of egg "mc"muffin. And for lunch it will be some veggies, "hard chews" as a doctor in New York wrote about. That book is CARB CAREFUL SOLUTION by Dr. Adele Puhn. I think I am going to dig it up and start that "diet" again. I did wake with normal sugars and I was eating every two hours. Yep, I think that is what I will do!!

My hubby is eating London Broil, potatoes, and broccoli tonight! I will be eating the broccoli part of the meal!! LOL And he gets a cake tonight for dessert! Wow am I a good wife, or what? lol

After I did up that book, I have several birthday cards to make for March! The last week in March is known as "birthday week" around here! My daughter's is the 22nd, mine is the 26th, and my son's is the 28th! Then we sprinkle in a granddaughter, a niece, a couple of nephews, and a couple of friends! Yes it will busy in the craft room!! LOL Good thing I love that kind of stuff!

I received some more pictures of my newest cutie pie! He is growing faster that a weed! I can't wait to kiss those scrumptious cheeks!

Well everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!!

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