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Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's just a couple hours more!

What you ask is just a couple hours away?  FRIDAY! That's what.  And doesn't everything look good on Friday?  What a week this has been and I am so ready for the weekend!

Nothing like being down in your back and having lots of doctor appointments.  I have a couple of bad disks in my lower back that sometimes decides to act up.  Thank the powers that be, it only lasted about 5 days this time.  Last time I was down for 3 weeks!  That bit a big one!  All my doctors visits were very productive and I am very much on the right track!!!  Down 9.2 lbs since going vegan and my A1C has dropped a couple of points!!  Yay! Still have work to do but it's getting easier!  I have noticed that I now rate restaurants according to their salads!  Not many have vegan dishes.  If I was a is where I would open a vegan/vegetarian eatery! HINT HINT HINT! Enough about me! lol

We celebrated my Mother in law's birthday on the 31st.  She turned 88!!! Her son, my hubby, picked the first batch of fresh strawberries from our ever growing patch and I cleaned, sliced up a cup or so, then added a little sugar so we could get that beautiful syrup.  When we got there, the three of us sat down with a desert of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.  Those strawberries were so good!  What great spirits she was in and she was really with us for most of the day. She has dementia and what a great day she had!

I was just getting back to work this morning and I was having issues uploading my newest cards.  I tried everything and kept thinking it was me.  I guess I worked on it for about 3 hours just reading and trying this and that and that again because I just knew I was missing something simple! Well I gave up and cleaned the house for a minute or two :) !  I ran a few errands, picked up hubby, and on the way home got a very nice invite to dinner by the best sister in the state!  It was so nice to see her and have some stimulating conversation!  We always have fun when we are with her!  Do you have someone in your life that is always smiling and just at peace with what is?  I strive to emulate!

Well here are a couple of cards that I have made recently. Enjoy!

Please enjoy every minute your day and smile! someone is needing it!

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