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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well .... it's just another beautiful Wednesday!

Well the trash got out bright and early this morning and I am wondering if on the Holiday week after if the garbage is going to pick up on their regular day.Ahh ..... if that was my only worry! Right?

Well I have been vegan for about 3 weeks now and I really don't feel any different yet. I am still swollen, especially in my tummy area. Although now that I think about it the swelling in my legs have gone done quite a bit. Maybe it's just moving! lol Has anyone (other than a salesperson) used that Nopalea? Well I took a moment to "google" this and here is what I found. Nopalea - true or scam?

I made a couple of cards last night Here's a peek!

So I have run across an amazing amount of challenges this morning already!   I have already posted this post earlier, however I posted it to an old blog and had a devil of a time trying to figure it out!  I tried several different things thinking Oh this has GOT to be it!  But no, that didn't fix it.  I then realized I had signed into an old account!  How lame that it took me a couple of hours to get that!  Geez!   And that was with a few breaks to "just walk away" to grab prospective! LMBO!  In those breaks, I went to grab the camera to get a shot at the beautiful male cardinal and the battery needed charged! so I went to do that but not before I had to locate the charger!  We had went somewhere and I had taken the charger but couldn't remember where I put it.  And I do usually put it where it belongs, but didn't the last time!  You see, I usually leave my computer and last night I shut it down.  And wouldn't you know it (TODAY) is day that google changed the format of Blogger!  What a ride I have had so far today!!!  Here comes the sun so I will take that as a sign that all is well! lol

Please enjoy this beautiful day (no matter what!) and smile! someone may need it today! : )

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