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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday AMERICA!

I haven't written in a little while. Things (life) has been a challenge! So much so I won't even go into it. It's all about moving forward, always. I strive for it to be this way. I am making my sista's 50th birthday card. The one I started did not quite do it for me so I started another one. I am also making my son a thank you card to be sent to a very lovely woman who is helping him out with his dog.

I sometimes have to wait till my hands are in working order. That is when I watch videos and read different articles in order to learn new techniques and color combos! This is part of creating that I enjoy very much. A couple of my favorites are Miss Dawn @ (Dawn 5377) , Mary @ Cardz TV , and Valita @ Valita's Designs and Fresh Folds . There are a few more regulars, but these, I watch all the time!!!

I give so so so much credit to the women who are sharing all their talents on their blogs, videos, and the web in general. They raise a family and also clean the house. They cook and drive the kids everywhere. And on top of all the doctor's and dentist's appts, they still manage to crop/make cards and join the blog hops!!! I can barely follow them much less contribute! So my hats off to all the creative women of the world!!

Ok, I am now going to make a few cards whilst it seems to be a good time. If sure beats waiting for this weather to lighten up a rain a little more that a little!!! I'm hot and whinny!! Stay cool and look in amazement at the world!

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