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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Are you kidding me?  How the hell does a company sell you a website for selling your products THEN DOESN'T GIVE YOU A VIEW SHOPPING CARD BUTTON!????!!
Geez can you feel my frustration?  So a customer goes to the site, sees a card they want to buy so they add it to the cart.  Pretty standard right?  Next step go back to site to pick up another card,  That also is pretty standard.  BUT  should you put say 5 cards in the cart and want to VIEW you cart to see what you have already chosen YOU CAN'T!!!  You have to "buy" another card to get to the cart and THEN REMOVE IT!!!! How messed up is that?  Doesn't that sound professional?  The company that hosts the website is FATCOW and the website is WEEBLY!  So unless your looking for frustration and un professionalism STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

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