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Friday, August 31, 2012

Still editing!?!

Yes I am still editing the pictures of my cards.  Although I am not working consistently at that chore! lol  I have been making Halloween and baby cards, and playing at my friends house!  It's been like a mini vacation!!  No cooking or cleaning!  Now that's a vacation if I've ever heard of one!  I say heard because I have never really been on a "real" vacation before. My husband and I have gone to familys' homes out of state and been camping (and as every WOMEN knows ...... camping is NO VACATION!)  However, a real vacation has eluded this family! So I'm happy with any get away! lol

I did happen to sneak in making a veggie soup and a batch of GAZPACHO!!!!!  I crave it every year and it never disappoints!  This year I used Alton Brown's recipe and mam o man ...... YUM YUM!!!!!
Can you tell I love it?  hahaha   I love tomatoes and there is nothing better in August than a ripe out of the garden tomato!

I have also been busy setting up 2 different crops to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) because I truly believe they are so close to a real cure and not just another, but improved, way for children to live with this awful disease.  I am so excited to do this, to finally find my nitch!  Now I only need to find about 5 friends to help me cook 2 lunches and 2 dinners!  I think I'll start with our team and see who is available!

Back to my friend's scraproom .... lol. I played with her Slice!  It was still in the box brand new!!  Haha I sound like a used car salesman!  Anyway, we decided to get it out and play with is for awhile.  It is a pretty good little cutter! Surprisingly!  It only cuts between 1" and 4"  in half inch increments and cuts very sharpe.  I played with that all evening and had lots of fun!
So now I'm off to do some stuff, I don't know what but something! lol

Have a very nice weekend and I WILL have some pictures to post!

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