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Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Friday!!! And Good Friday to boot!!

Yesterday, I picked up my hubby from work and when we got home he went to get the mail as usual.  In today's mail was a HANDMADE card for ME!!! It was a beautiful belated birthday card from my sweet cousin who lives in Florida.  What a wonderful surprise and what an awesome job she did!  I am usually the one who sends the handmade cards so what a treat to receive  one!`It brightened my day for sure!

Isn't it lovely? I think she did a wonderful job! I was just so pleased! Thank you so much, Gail!

This IS Friday, so over at their Friday Freebie is posted along with a 60% off every $10.00 sale!!! These are paper piecing patterns. Ya can't beat that!  You can come close at where they are having a 50% off every $10.00 sale!! These are digi stamps and graphics.  So check these out and get creative!!

I woke up with a 101 reading this morning!!!!  Yay!!  I have NOT gotten on the scale yet today, and probably won't! : )  I did have my oatmeal and my cinnamon coffee!  Now I am on my way to Wii for an hour then I will make a couple of cards and do some organizing in my studio, (it could sure use it!)  After I pick my hubby up from work we will go and get some dowels to make a nifty ribbon storage system I found on the web! This may also solve your ribbon storage need!! Check this out ... ... it couldn't be easier, could it?

Oh and before I forget, here is a slow cooker steel cut oatmeal recipe!
8 c of boiling water
2 c of steel cut oats
1/3 c of dried fruit
1/3 c of dried cranberry
and a pinch of salt
      turn the slow cooker to slow and cook 7-8 hours ------- She said she cuts it in half or puts in individual pkg to uses the next couple of days!

I have made this once so far and I think I will add about and extra 1/4 c. of water.  I also used dried mango and dried apricots.  When warming this up the following days, I added craisins to my bowl.  It made it extra yummy!!

Enjoy your day!

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