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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm feeling human!!! YAY!!!

I found this after taking a short pause to recoup my good feelings about feeling good!!!!  SO UPWARD AND ONWARD! : )

When you're so sick and feel like you're never gonna feel good again, and then when you do start feeling better, OMGoodness, what a feeling!!  I'm still hanging on to a serious chest cold although I don't know why!  I would love to give it away, but that would not be very nice, would it?

So I lost 7 and a 1/2 lbs. the hard way during that week and my sugar stayed kind of on track.  I didn't check it much cuz truth be told, I didn't care about anything.  I already thought I was gonna die! lol  But now that seems to have dissipated!  So everything is back to normal!

I have made a couple of cards and need to do a couple more this morning.  One is for my sister to give and she wants to pick the paper and send it to me.  She should send that pretty soon so that I can get it together for her.  Another is for a new friend that wants to use the card as an invitation to the family reunion.  That will be fun! Here is a couple I did that I'm not that pleased with, but never the less.......

It's so strange how adding text after pictures is so complicated!  What a strange new issue this is!?!
I think I'll back up to see if I can get the text to drop down where I would like it to be viewed!  Here goes.....
Well you can't tell but it worked!  The words first showed up between the last two pictures and were only two short word sentences in the space.  How bazaar!!! For heaven's sake, it can't be me!!  lol

Back to business!  I have been cutting a few silhouettes to sell at the next weekend crop I go to.  I'm hoping to make enough to pay for the weekend.  The last one I was at (where I picked the bugs up from), there was a lady selling different cuts at a very high price.  I thought well I can do that for a lot less money and my friends said yes they would buy more if they could find them at a cheaper price, so viola, I am doing some!!  Now I need to shop for the little baggies to put them in.  OH what a terrible thing to have to do!!!  wink wink!

Well that's all for now.  I'm going to do my Wii yoga and then make a couple of cards while cutting out more silhouettes.  Everyone enjoy your day!

I forgot to give a link on how to make this card!  Thank you again, Dawn!

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