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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So much time has past!

So many things are going on and I'm dealing with it the way I always do, which is try to get it all done at the same time and trying to fit life in! And what usually happens happened!  lol  I'm really trying to keep my sugar under control as I deal with a kidney issue which in turn, is causing havoc with the rest of my body and life.
I am completely vegan now so that has to be a good thing.  I have cooked a couple of recipes from the PCRM website.  There are only 103 days until the summer 21-day Kickstart to healthy eating starts!!! Here is the link to sign up and start exploring!  PCRM's 21day vegan kickstart
By the way, I am setting my intention to cook one new vegan dish a week so I can see what I like!  I did make this dish and I really like it a lot!

I make about six servings of brown rice.  I use the long grain long cooking rice.
Now in a skillet I spay a non stick spray and a couple t. of vegan butter.
I dice up a sweet onion ~~~ (put in ever how much you like)
I dice up about 3 celery ribs ~~~ (put in ever how much you like)
I add very little sea salt and cook to soften.
I then add a couple servings of the rice and cook and stir and stir,
then add three of four ice cubed veggie stock and cook til liquid is gone.
Now add any spices you like.  I have used fresh cracked black pepper, italian seasonings, fresh parsley, fresh time, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and so on!  I loved it!

Next order of business, my website is almost complete except for adding lots of product.  That is proving to be a huge pain in the behind!  I have to edit and resize every picture before I upload it and then writing out the description is very tedious and it is taking away from what I love to do, make cards, and what I should be doing, cleaning the house!  Same day same issues to overcome.  And I am breathing and being grateful that it is one of my issues! ;>)

Next here is a couple of Mother's Day cards I made ..........

Ok!  The next time I write, I will be announcing the new website!!1  I'm getting excited now!!

Please enjoy every minute of your day and smile!

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