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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jo's House of Cards website is now UP AND RUNNING!

How excited am I that I finally am open for business!!!  Oh my gosh!  What it took to get here.  But that's when arriving is good isn't it?  When you lay down a good foundation? So lets get cooking!! lol

I am still updating and uploading (after editing) lots of my cards so please be patient!  And I would so love to get back to making my cards!! Steps, that's what it amounts to. (and then a can I end that sentence without a proposition?)! And I would like to keep taking those steps without to many more thought interrupterers!  Laughing my butt off all alone in my studio!  It's been a long day!

So please come by and check out all my links, pictures, and cards!  Like me on facebook and leave me some love!!  Thanks so much and Enjoy every second of your day and smile!

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