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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (late) sorry! Hope everyone had a great weekend with the special people in your life! I was home with hubby all weekend and a nice early dinner with family at Red Lobster, thank you so much Jean! Much love to you! MMMMmmmmwha!!! (kisses) So a great weekend for me!

I didn't send any Valentine cards out this year. I have got several birthdays coming in March and I have to start on those cards soon! It comes fast when you aren't paying attention! lol Here's a B-day card I made for my hubby 3 weeks ago:

And here is the one I said I was making but couldn't show you yet!

And this is the inside of the card...

Please excuse the appearance of the layout of these pictures....I still don't know what I'm doing...however, I am learning everyday. As a matter of fact, does anyone know what Google Friend is all about? I am working on that this week! gonna find out where to put the codes if it's last thing I do! AH ha ha!

So the top card is made from the Stampin' Up class I used to attend. I used a tool which rocked back n forth to create the wood grain look and the pheasant was stamped on a glossy paper with a circle "jig" so that the moon showed slightly. Then it was chalked in to give the pheasant life!

The second card was also done at the SU class. We first punched a decorative square hole and then ran the white paper through a cuddle bug. The flowers were stamped as a 2 part stamping. The little window was punched so that the flower could be seen from the front! A little glitter and voila'!!! a beautiful card! (could thing the teacher was close lol).

Every one remember to ENJOY every second of your day!!!

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  1. What do you mean you don't know what your doing? You've been crafting for so many years! I remember a purse you made for me one year out of a pair of jeans.