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Thursday, February 18, 2010

This link is a great source for good eats and you can download for free and take it on your iPod or Zume to the kitchen! A chef in you ear is what they say! lol

On another subject, the diabetes, is still kicking my butt! I faxed my numbers to the doctor yesterday and I figure I'll be hearing from her today! She not going to be any happier than I am!

I lost my fax when I set my computer back to factory and haven't figured out how to retrieve it.

The sun has showed itself for 2 days in row here and it's enough to make you smile! Of course it was still only 19 degrees this morning at 7 AM!!! Brrr.... I, along with several others in Michigan, have cabin fever and are soooooo ready for warmer weather so we can get outside!

I can't wait to plant our garden!!! Fresh dinner is the most awesome thing in the whole world!!

Here are some pictures of our garden last year before the blight got our tomatoes!! I wanted to cry after losing all those beautiful tomatoes that grew as tall as my hubby and fruit all the way up!!

Everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!!

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