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Monday, February 1, 2010

I would like to welcome Monday to the week, however, it's already been here for hours!!! I stayed up way to late catching up on One Tree Hill!!! About 2 months worth of shows!! So my head hit the pillow at 5:30 this morning with a 156 reading before my last snack, 4 units of insulin, and I woke up with a 229 reading!!! The infection is still lurking in the bod or my new insulin table is not working properly/yet!! Only time will tell.

My son is now home and doing pretty good since he found out why he has been feeling a little dizzy lately. He was taking a medication that was increased and he didn't know that he must cut the pills in half for correct dosing. (He can't see the directions) So he was taking more than was prescribed. Now there's a problem that needs to be corrected!!! If only I had the know how and some cash!! LOL

So my new scale was set to 46 units of Lantus and a Novolog scale of 1cc of insulin to 10g of carbs plus 2cc to for every 30 over 150 reading. I don't really see how that's gonna bring the sugars down, but I trust the new doctor and maybe she knows something I don't about diabetes! I don't see how that can be, but we'll give her a shot!!!

I started this blog to be accountable to myself and it hasn't worked out quite that way!! So I decided to change my format a little and actually give a more detailed and "for real" way account of what I eat and how much I am eating! Oh boy, this is a big step for me!!! Here I go! Are you with me??? This is the sheet that the doctor gave me to record the BS's:

I am posting this and will finish in a few minutes! ( misspellings!) LOL

I'm back! Did you miss me? Ha ah funny I know! (lame) So I had to start a the fireplace.....and I used wet wood !! I know , right?! Hubby got called in to work early and didn't have time to get the dry stuff, so I got the wet. Life goes on.

Here is my personal numbers since seeing the new doctor:

My goal is to stay at one number with little variation, right?? This so difficult because of all the variables like measurements, blood monitors uncalibrated to 0 every test, the ingredients not listed correctly, and above all fruit is not exact every time! Not to mention that it's also difficult to watch the clock so you can make sure to eat the stuff you have to eat like(fiber,fruit,grains) Numbers are never going to be the right level at the right time until a pancreas transplant, which is getting ever so closer!!! Hopefully in time to save my son from his inevitable early departure from this world.

Had to check the fire again, which is roaring now! My sugar is going low and so I must take a break and eat something healthy! (Smiles) And that means cooking and measuring!! Yay! Not really! it's just acceptance, folks! lol

Everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!!

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