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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We made it through the snow storm! The roads are treturious! I haven't written cuz we flipped over to day shift and I'm still trying to get turned around. I feel like a newborn who keeps getting their days and nights mixed up! I didn't have this much trouble last time. I wonder why. Hopefully he can stay on the one shift. They did call back a couple of people that had been laid off for over a year! So that is a really good sign

Well my numbers have been all over the place this week. As low as 119 in the AM to as high as 331 in the AM. That's quite a spread! I'm thinking seriously about going raw for a couple of weeks and seeing how that works for me. All boils down to, can we afford that? Fresh veggies are really getting soooo expensive! I am still doing research on the subject. I took some celery root soup out of the freezer for lunch today. Yum

I will come back later to give a synopsis of the food I ate today and with a recipe.

Everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!

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