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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It seems like summer is here to stay!

The weather has been so atrocious and I for one am having a hard time dealing with it.  Then came a break and I woke up cold on Tuesday morning as the cold front finally got to ME!!!  Yeah!!!  With the hot flashes I didn't feel like I was getting any cooler!  Well I hope everyone is coping with this heat and I truly pray for the families that lost loved ones to the heat.  My heart goes out to you and I will continue to pray for your peace.

We had a yard sale in the 100+ degree weather and I tell you we were wiped out!  Man oh man!
We had plans to sell water, a little bag of chips, and a hot dog for 2 bucks and donate that money to JDRF however, with such hot weather; traffic was low and it was so hot, no one wanted to eat.  We will just have to have another one closer to the fall!  We'll just go with the flow!

So I made a few cards here and thee over the last 2 weeks and would have made more if I had a second air conditioner!  But hey, you work with what'cha got, right?

Will show some new cards in next post.  Everyone please SMILE!  It makes a big difference!

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