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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm so close now!

I am almost done with my website!  It feels so good to be close.  My brother brought up an issue with the site.  He found he could add a card to the cart and he could then continue shopping, however, he could not VIEW the cart!  So that is the next issue I have to learn to fix!  You'd think the price you'd pay for the shopping cart they would throw in a view cart! Geez o pete!  Until then, a customer would have to put a card in the cart, continue shopping, then put a card in cart just to get to the view cart page, then remove the card that they used to get to the shopping cart!!  How lame is that? So that definitely needs to be fixed!  Then it will ready to go!!!  I'm so excited! 

Thanks again to my family and friends who support me and love me and still believe in me!

Smile bright!

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