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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

As I look out to the backyard ....

a branch of the rose of sharon hangs across the window blowing in the wind.  One shorter branch I see six buds that should be opened but are not.  I wonder if it because of the hot temps.  I watered the plants outside of the garden and herb station for 2 hours today.  That really bit into my house cleaning chores!!  lol

Well I know you don't know this but I couldn't work in my studio yesterday, because of the heat!  When the sun hits the back of the house, our air conditioner can't do the job and papers start stickin' and there is some sweat happening and my diabetes kicks in with some aggravation and attitude and and and I just give in.  I go get something cold to drink as I sit in front of the fan which is (suppose to) blowing the cold air throughout!!! So I am back this morning before the heat wave hits!  It's suppose to be at least 101 without the humidity factored in the equation!

Again I had to stop and wait for the weather.  I now am resizing my photos so they will fit in the space provided. So now that the night is in the high 70's I can now post new pictures and they will be available to order tomorrow afternoon.

These two cards that follow are from the inspiration of Dawn5377 on YouTube, 

Well I'm off to bed now, and these will go in the store first thing in the AM. 

Please take just a moment to think of someone you love and miss today.

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