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Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 3 Already

So I woke up early feeling pretty bad with a blood sugar (BS) of 208. After 2 regular size cups of coffee with sugar substitute and dry regular creamer, I checked my sugar and it was 335! What's up with that? I once read from Adele Puhn, M.S., C.N.S. and author of The Carb-Careful Solution, and I'll sub phrase, your body does not know real sugar from fake sugar, it will ALL raise your blood sugar! I tend to agree with her because I took 4 units (cc) of Novolog (N), drank the coffee, my sugar went up, and then I took 12 cc of N. Waited till noon and took my sugar again and the result was 251! Sooooo I took another shot of 8 cc of N and waited till 2:00 and checked once again. It read 154 and now at 3 I feel somewhat better but I need, really need a nap.

My grandson spent the night in the hospital. He's 9 months now. He is pulling himself up on furniture and crawling so fast, I know he can't wait to run!! He swallowed a penny and it got lodged in the throat/chest area. They took him this morning, had to put an IV in his arm, sedated him and went in to get it. Thank the powers that be that he has such a good mom who was right on top of the situation!!

Hubby starts his vacation so time to work on the house! The garden is seeing lots of wear and tare! I'm having a problem with my raspberries. That is such a bummer. That's another thing on my list! I have to look up what to do about them. Does anyone know and want to share?

Well off to mark some stuff off my list before picking up the hubby.

Remember to Enjoy Every Second of Every Minute of Every Day!

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