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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's hump day!

What does that actually mean?  Does it mean that it's the middle of the week?  Does it mean relations (wink wink) are gonna happen?  It's a on going discussion in my house.  Hubby thinks it means it's the middle of the week and I think it's the'd think he'd see it my way just cuz of the benefit to him!  lol  Guess he's rather be right!

I have been hanging out at About55 a lot lately.  I started a group for crafter's and I am hoping that it takes off!  I love to share my cards

I'm still trying to figure out the new format of this blog!  It sure didn't want my words to line up with the left after I added my pictures!
Anyway, these are two of my latest birthday cards and I can't wait to start making cards again!  I have to wait until Monday because I am spending a lot of time fundraising for the Walk to Cure Diabetes which is this Saturday and I have my son, his wife, and the 2 teenagers coming to walk with us.  So it is bound to get a little hectic around here.  Not to mention I have to clean the house for company which is always more than just the daily clean.  All this and tomatoes are still coming in along with the raspberries and grapes!  Yummy!

My sugar is a little on the high side but I'm contributing that to the fact that my body has not turned around yet! 

Please remember to Enjoy Every Second of YOUR Day!

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