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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day is Over...Now it's Time to Work!

Yes Labor Day is gone and I'm not done with laboring! Surprise! Is anyone really done with laboring? The alternative is bleak, so no we don't want to be done laboring!
Hubby is on vacation and he is helping me get rid of STUFF. We are having a yard sale!! I even made great signs with my cricut!!
I'm so excited!! I've said it many times.....the first half of your life you collect things (STUFF! and the last half trying to get rid of it!! LOL Well, I'm way on my way. The hardest is getting rid of some of my mom's stuff I inherited! The broken and just sentimental stuff is the hardest. The old bingo bag and the eye glasses. I really miss her alto at times.......back to the matter at hand. : )
I really am trying to go through all that stuff!! I mean box after box after little containers. The old collectible lighters and key chains and "this I was saving for", most of you know what I mean.
And in between, trying to remember to check my sugar and eat correctly. A struggle I tell ya! It's been way high and way low and it's probably going to be the same today as I get busy. Got lots to do today.
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.
Remember to Stop and Smell the roses while enjoying the seconds of your life!

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