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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's just a Tuesday!

And the next thing I am going to do is post some pictures of the anniversary card I made for my son and daughter in law for their 3rd. So here's that..... 
And now some photos from the Jackson Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes......

The release of the balloons!

Did you see these?

Sooo cool!

Like I said, cool

Some good people!

Some eats and drinks

The first one back!
These pictures are a bear to line up!  I don't think I'm getting used to the new way of doing this! Do you know of an easier way? Really, do you?

Anyway the Jackson Walk tallied up $ 110,000 which is about 30,000 less than last year but the good news is the donations are still coming in!  Hopefully we make the goal of $140,000!

Now I can start working on my Christmas cards along with some birthdays coming up.  I feel like it's been forever since I sat down for days and just made cards!  I miss it.
And while I'm doing this I am also working on the Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner I hope to have in March 2011.  THAT is going to be a riot!!! Can't wait!  So many exciting things going on!

See you tomorrow and remember....Enjoy every second of your day!

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