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Friday, January 8, 2010

As my first post I would like to give a little background of my diabetes. I have been diabetic for about 10 years and have taken care of it for about 4. My grandmother had it as did my mom. My son got it when he was 2 yrs and 2 months old. It was really tough at times to give him those shots. I want to be accountable to someone besides my doctor so I thought creating a blog might help others as I hope it helps me. If you will bear with me while I figure this blogging thing out maybe we can help each other!
I am insulin resistant and I need to see my doctor but just haven't made myself pick the phone up as yet. (I feel my sugar has been so out of control for the past 4 months) I am embarrassed to see her until I get a handle on this yet again!!!

So this morning I tested and got a 329 reading and took 20 units of Novolog insulin. I did not eat until 2 pm or so and was upset that I did not check before I ate. So I checked after I took another 15 units. It was 246! Way to high, AGAIN. Well all I can do is take more insulin and check again.

Chef Rocco Spirito was on the Rachel Ray show and he wants everyone to try 4 new foods this year.

1. Pop Corn on the Cob! (Available at It's dried corn on the cob that you put in a paper bag and microwave! while it's on the COB!!!
Just spray with a little butter spray. LOW CAL and FAT FREE! (I plan on trying this)

2. Shirataki Noodles (Available at It's a noodle with NO CARBS!!! and NO CARLORIES!!! I cannot wait to try these!

3. TVP-Texturized Vegetable Protein (Available at Whole Foods Markets) It's a soy protein that has a ground beef texture! It can be used in any hambuger recipe! How great is that??? This will be a staple if it is as great as it sounds.
(I have bought soy nuts which do taste great as a snack, but it is protein)

4. Pepquino Cucumbers (Available at Marx Foods) These look like tiny watermelons that have a cucumber taste and can be used alone are on salads, desserts, or alone. They are full of fiber and nutrients! Again this is something that I am looking forward to trying!

For the rest of my day I will be lowering my blood sugar and making some greeting cards, I have a few birthdays coming up and an annivesary this month. (not mine lol)

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