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Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday, again!!!

I do so love Monday's!!! Although I am not back in the rooutine just yet aas I say good morning to everyone! (It's only noon!! lol) Well I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine didn't go as planned but was ok. The vcr took a crap which hangs me up on my movie making, but wa'cha gonna do?

I made a huge vegetable soup that WAS going to be so good! Then I added too much white pepper :( I had no idea white pepper was so hot!! I swear I did not think it was too much in that huge pot! So beware if you have never used it before. Mam oh man it was going to be soo soo good! Roasted fennel and carrot was added and fresh baby spinach! I tried to use it by taking the broth and cooking couscous in it and adding carrots and beans. That worked out well. I had that on Sat. and Sun.
I tried adding a couple of baked potatoes thinking they would absorb some of the pepper like they will salt, to no avail. Such as life, you live and learn! lol

I had a low sugar last night about 5 AM (my last night) and thought I had over done it but woke up with a 139 blood sugar reading! Yay!! On the right track!

So today I am going to try this grain called quinoa. Why don't you join me? We will try it together! Here is the recipe:

I will be using craisins instead of dried cranberries and I will probably use walnuts instead of pecans. Make it your way and let me know what changes you made and how it tasted to you!!!

Changing the son is STILL in the hospital. He spoke with a doctor about an infection in his thumb nuckle of all places!!! He is still having low sugars and they are having a difficult time regulating the balance of insulin to food. Such a nasty nasty disease for type 1's. But only 4 years till the pancreas transplants. That is a miracle in itself!! YAY!!!

Everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!!!

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