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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's just Friday....

Just another day in paradise! I woke up with a 205 reading. I guess I didn't take enough insulin to cover the not full plate of unsalted torilla chips with cheese, black olives, and my homemade peach salsa I had as a snack last night! I took 20 units and it looks like my sugar is still out of control! Geez there's a surprise!! The good news is I am getting closer to seeing the new doctor! Now I just have to make sure I get the paperwork filled out and printed before the appt.

That's a bad word...paperwork. I have a friend that dislikes it as much as I do! Right Andrea? LOL

My son is still in the hospital. We thoought he would get to come home once they got his sugar down but now it won't stay up! We just love this disease!!! He is usually very sensitive to insulin, unlike his mother!! He took his computer and is "watching" descriptive dvd's. He says they really do make a difference to the story. They describe all of the quite places and action scenes in a movie so the viewer knows what's going on when there's no talking going on. So I guess those would make great gifts for any blind people that may be on your list!

Well no new recipes today. Awwww...I know!! (lol) It's my hubby birthday and we get to go pay bills!!! Yay. He also gets a free birthday dinner (lunch) at Finley's. A resteraunt here in Jackson. They have great food and it's free on your birthday!

Everyone rememeber to ENJOY every second of your day!!

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