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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yeah, still struggling....

This morning I woke with a 185 reading. I think it would have been better if not for the low sugar I had before bed. So, at 1:30 AM I was shoving cake in my pie hole to help bring it back and I overshot a little. Just a little though! LOL I have got to pick up some glucose tablets.

I forgot to report that Max, our pitt, is ok for now. The vet said that sometimes after the heart worm treatment their lungs and heart are damaged somewhat and that could cause the cough. He sent me home with inflammatory and antibiotic meds. Hope that works.

Yesterday's menu was changed a bit....I had salad for lunch and the spring rolls for dinner with grilled pineapple for dessert. I had to change the recipe somewhat for what I actually had on hand. I didn't have the rounds so I used the squares that are normally used in spring rolls which are cooked. I didn't have the cellophane noodles so I made it without. They are raw which was fine except they almost tasted doughy but not doughy cuz they're not made with dough! Does that make sense? Anyway the sauce was ok, a little thick. I think I used to much peanut butter. But I will finish eating that for lunch today and I did have my magic shake this morning.

Did I mention I am trying to lose a little weight while I get my sugar under control? I hope that's the outcome. It is harder to do when your over 50 and have PAD. That is that nasty vascular disease. It affects your legs and makes it difficult to walk any distance.

This is my newest sweetie pie. He is 6 weeks old today!! Gosh they grow sooo fast. Christian is already a handful. Poor thing has had tummy trouble since he emerged in the world. Mommy is doing a great job with him!

This baby bouquet is what I made to give to the Mom, my daughter, after the birth of Christian.
It was so so easy to make! I found this in Woman's World Magazine. It is made of onesies, socks, hats, and hand socks.
We wrapped it a blanket for his daddy cuz he was feeling left out! I had a great time thinking of the little one while I picked stuff out to make it!!!

Here are some pictures of the cards I make. These are not the ones I made yesterday cuz I don't want the recipients to see them before they get 'em in the mail!!!

The menu is set for today and I can go make some more cards!! Everyone please enjoy your day! : )

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