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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Hump Day!

It was a busy Tuesday for me so I could not get to the computer till late last night. Went to bed Monday night at 3 AM with a 336 blood sugar reading!!! I took like 40 units of insulin!!! Have I mentioned how insulin resistant I am? I guess I wasn't lying cuz I did not have a low. I woke up with a 225 reading!!! I could not believe it!!! What was going on???

I took some more insulin, grabbed an apple (just in case) and headed to Ann Arbor to see my new Endocrinologist. I was so so so excited. She was recommended by someone I really trust. WE met at 11:40 and I felt so relieved. She listened and determined that we would start all over again. Alright!!! She left my lantus where it was and adjusted my novolog with an increased scale. Then reminded me to MEASURE what I ate and to count the carbs and follow the scale! The doc wants my numbers faxed to her every 2 weeks so she can make adjustments and when I come back in 3 months, she assured me that we would discuss an insulin pump and Byetta. Yay!!! I back on track!!! I felt hope when I left my blood and urine sample!! lol

So I ate my apple on the way home and as soon as I came in the door I checked my sugar so I could write it in the blank log!!! It was 232!!! What the hell was going on?? I thought all that insulin I was taking would drop a horse!! So I took more! I called my one sister and told her what the doctor had said. I told her I was feeling a little funny and described what was going on and she said the symptoms I was describing sounded like a urinary infection. Duh!! It finally dawned on me why my sugar wasn't coming down!!!! An infection will keep your sugar so high and out of control!! So I took 2 antibiotic pills I had left over from a previous infection, I had to get a new prescription filled when those didn't do the job for a prior infection! So I took them before bed with a vicadin for the pain that was already in by back and headed off to sleep with a 218 reading and a little extra insulin.

I woke up this morning with a blood sugar of 105, thank you very much, and no pain in the back or when I peed!!! I feel human OH SO HUMAN!!!! Yay!! Really on the right track now!!! Thank you, Shirley, Jean, and Rhonda oh so much for all you did!!

Now, did anyone try the new recipe? I'm sorry to say that my dollars would not stretch far enough for me to get the ingredients I needed so I could not make it yet, but I will cuz didn't it sound good??? I will be eating chili, dumplings, and salad the rest of the week. New recipes are coming soon.

Did anyone see Dr. Oz's show yesterday? I am going to watch it today (I taped it) It was on, 'what's in your food' and today's Oprah is the same subject. I can only imagine. It's a scary subject but we need to know the truth and thank goodness we have two people that will give us that much. Can you tell I believe they will give us the TRUTH?!!

And one last note, my son is STILL in the hospital!!! They found no infections. And he found a doctor that will listen to him!! There's a surprise! You see at the hospital he is at (same as my local hospital) they test his sugar before breakfast give his the novolog to cover the high but not the breakfast he will be eating. Then they test before lunch and cover the high from breakfast but not what he wll eat for lunch!!! Then they test before dinner and cover the high from lunch and so on and so on and so on!!!! R U KIDDIN' ME???? In this day and age with all the diabetics in our society, they don't even have a floating endo to cover the patients!!! It is a travesty!! So he was lucky to run into Dr. Peterson who listened to his reasoning. Mike should be home tomorrow!!

Everyone remember to ENJOY every second of your day!!!

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