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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today is Sunday and as a day of rest, I think I will! Not. I never really feel at rest when there is so much to do and so much that can be done. Today I woke with a 205 blood sugar and I had no idea that 3 tacos and 2/3 cup spanish rice would raise my sugar so high or that the 30 cc of Novolog would not be enough to cover it!!! So I took some more insulin and took my meds. I then meditatated a few minutes and afterwords made my magic shake. I also gave the dog his meds and his fish oil (I am sharing mine with him) which I cover up with 3 tablespoons of bacon grease! He loves that!!! And he got 1/2 hotdog (to hide the pills)! Max thinks he's in heaven!! All this good stuff all week long!!!!!
And of course now, I am writing. I ate the last of the spring rolls yesterday for lunch. I had a 102 reading before making lunch and that was very impressive!! I was very surprised!! Today I am making celery root soup. I got the recipe from a chef I saw on The Oprah Show. She said her vegetarian and meat eating friends both raved about how good it is! I thought I had seen this on The Martha Stewart show and looked and looked on the website for it and got so frustrated that I could not find it and wound up making it from memory (that right there I should have known I was in trouble cuz of that CRS syndrome I have!!!). When I got done making it and tasting it (yuk), my hubby said it tasted like dressing without the breading! That batch went out fast!!
Here is the link to that soup and other great stuff:
I can't wait to taste that! It's veggie broth with a little carrot for lunch today. It feels super cold today in Michigan. Good thing I love soup. Everyone remember to ENJOY your day!!!

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